Job Opportunity


Job   Title: Change Management consultant

Job   Category: IT Services

Job   Status: Full Time

Location:   Victoria, BC


Reference   Number: 2019-5-1015-1



Sunlynn   Consulting Ltd. is a leading consulting firm. We offer a wide range of engineering   and IT consulting services to public utilities and governments. On behalf of   our client, Sunlynn is  currently   seeking a Change Management consultant with IT/IM project experience to join   our team. This is an excellent opportunity to work on BC Government projects.


 Change Manager responsibilities  


Working approximately 35 hours per week, the successful candidate will be expected to perform the following Contract Manager responsibilities:

1. Identify areas for change and assessing and monitoring the impacts of change 

2. Oversee and lead change management projects

3. Develop, manage and implement appropriate Change Management frameworks

4. Provide change management support to stakeholders; develop and conduct training and coaching sessions to executives, staff and IDIM clients and partners 

5. Identify and develop strategies on how to help reduce the impact the changes will have on the organization, organizational culture and stakeholders

6. Facilitate meetings and workshops with stakeholders and summarize outputs; provide specialist advice, decision support and to executive, staff and external stakeholders

7. Develop tools for stakeholders to help implement changes in the most efficient and least disruptive way

8. Develop and implement strategies to facilitate transition: maximize employee adoption and usage and minimize resistance

9. Provide advice and support to executives to help them fulfil the role of change sponsors 

10.  Prepare executive presentations and reports on stakeholder engagement and change program accomplishments 

11.  Develop a Change Management and Implementation Plan that includes:

· transition materials for clients, partners

· Communication plan(s) 

· knowledge transfer strategy for staff



a. A minimum of 10 years of experience working in change management and   transition at senior levels and preferably in the public sector;

b. Experience assessing and monitoring the impacts of change represented   by projects and other initiatives, and ensuring the magnitude of change does not   exceed the organization’s capacity for change;

c. Experience developing and executing appropriate change management   frameworks;

d. Experience working at a strategic level, liaising with stakeholders to   identify potential change impacts and ensure change plans are in place;

e. Experience designing and implementing communications strategies, plans   and collateral related to change and transition phases;

f. Experience resolving internal service relationship issues;

g. Experience in an IM/IT environment;

h. Project Management training would be an asset;

i. Experience in Service   Model Development (public sector experience preferred);

j. Experience on   identity management related projects will be an asset.


How to   Apply


We offer competitive compensation package.   If you are interested, please submit your cover letter and resume to for consideration. We   would like to thank you for your interest in our firm only those shortlisted   will be contacted.